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The parent trap

What’s the most important question parents can ask their grown child? A Love Letters podcast guest reveals the question that changed his life.

Maddie Mortell

Love Letters

When Nimish left Nepal for college in the US, he expected challenges, such as adjusting to a new culture and taking classes in a new language.

But as he started to date more, his biggest source of anxiety became his romantic life. Every time he met someone great, he thought, “How would I explain this to my parents?”

He knew they expected him to marry someone in Nepal – someone with a family endorsement. But he didn’t like that plan.

In Season 9, Episode 2 of the Love Letters podcast – “The Parent Trap” – Nimish finds relationship guidance where he leasts expect it: at home. He explains how getting to know your parents as people can answer some of life’s most difficult questions.


He also shares the best question he’s ever been asked by his dad (listen to find out), and how the gift of a few unexpected direct words gave him the joy of freedom. To find love, or not, but on his own terms.

And then he was like, ‘I think at the end of the day. I would have liked for you to, like, marry a Nepali person. But it’s fine.’ ‘It’s fine’ for my dad is basically, ‘I’ll be happy for you no matter what you do.’ And that was like a big relief to me.

The new season of the Love Letters podcast is all about relationship help and where people find it. Take a listen – and join the community.

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