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Good renewal news continues: ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ gets second season

Adjani Salmon as Kwabena in "Dreaming Whilst Black."Anup Bhatt/Big Deal Films/A24/Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Last week, Paramount+’s charming Australian rom-com “Colin From Accounts” was renewed for a second season. This week, another one of my favorite small comedies has been renewed.

Co-producers Showtime and the BBC have greenlit a second season of “Dreaming Whilst Black.” It’s a British gem about a millennial guy named Kwabena (series co-creator Adjani Salmon) who’s trying to become a filmmaker in London while working a tedious day job. It’s an observant and painfully honest take on artistic ambition and compromise, and on being Black in the predominantly white film industry. As the micro-aggressions pile up, this show is cringingly funny, poignant, well-paced, and brimming with vivid supporting characters.


I love to see these slice-of-life series survive on TV against the odds. Often, they’re low-concept comedy-dramas that rely heavily on the actors and subtle scripting — Pamela Adlon’s “Better Things,” for example, and Bridget Everett’s “Somebody Somewhere.” These shows are not easily categorized, which adds to their appeal; they’re the opposite of the simplistic franchise shows and movies that overwhelm us these days. They give us ordinary characters who deal with moments of depression, flashes of joy, big epiphanies, petty annoyances, and, if things go well, personal growth.

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