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Blind date: ‘Mandy is from the South, like me’

Will these two transplants to New England connect?

This week's daters: Mandy and ClaireHandout images

CLAIRE F.: 29 / engineering grad student

FIRST THING PEOPLE NOTICE IN HER HOME: The very soft brown-and-gray cat screaming her head off

HER HOBBIES: Part-time gig building bicycles

MANDY C.: 25 / digital library specialist

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She can sew her own clothes.

WHEN SHE IS HAPPIEST: Reading on the beach, working on a craft project, telling stories



Claire I did a face mask! And listened to some pump-up Carly Rae Jepsen classics on the Lyft ride across town.

Mandy I planned outfit options with my sister and a friend. No matter the outcome, it would be a fun story!


Claire I was early. But the restaurant was warm and had a waiting area.

Mandy I was a couple of minutes late.

Claire She was about my height and seemed pretty slender. She was wearing a long skirt. I liked that — I’ve always wanted to go on a nice restaurant date where we both dress up.

Mandy I thought she had very pretty hair and a cool sense of style (I liked her jacket).


Claire We talked about what we’re doing in Boston, work and school and such.

Mandy We talked about family, travel, and our thoughts about Boston. I learned about Claire’s parents in Virginia, and her siblings in New England. I also got to hear about her outdoorsy experiences in Salt Lake City, as well as her reflections on the queer scene there versus Boston. I really enjoyed hearing about her path to Boston and graduate school.

Claire Mandy is from the South, like me. She holds a graduate degree from the Harvard Divinity School. We talked about religion for a while. She’s Methodist and I’m Jewish. I took a spirituality of America course during undergrad, which I really liked, so I have some knowledge and interest in the topic.


Mandy I was happy to learn that Claire also enjoyed sharing dishes.

Claire The food was delicious! She had a Spyhop, a house cocktail. I had a glass of Cava and felt thoroughly out-ordered. We had sourdough with ricotta and white fig jam, fried squid, charred beets, and cod ravioli.

Mandy We had a couple of things in common, but I did not feel like there were many that we connected on, which is not bad, but it did make the conversation more or less question and answer versus trading stories.

Claire We’re both extremely educated (or at least I will be when I get this master’s degree). We both like cats and decorating our apartments.

Mandy It felt like our conversation was tapering off after a couple hours.


Claire I didn’t want to leave up until dinner was over. I got back from Europe two days before and the jet lag crashed down on me pretty hard.

Mandy I felt that while she was very nice and interested in what I was saying, she didn’t feel a strong connection with me, either.

Claire We exchanged numbers. We waved and said a cheerful goodbye.

Mandy I said I had a nice time and we said good night.


Claire I doubt it. No romantic chemistry, but it was a good experience and I’m glad we did it.

Mandy No. No major issues, but no clear connection, either.


Claire / A-


Mandy / B+

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