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One that got away: A prized fish market closes

Courthouse Fish Market in Cambridge. The restaurant next door, Courthouse Seafood, remains open.Courtesy of Courthouse Seafood

Re “A fish tale — that stinks” (Ideas, Feb. 4): I am heartbroken that Courthouse Fish Market in Cambridge has closed. Owners Eddy and Joe Damaso supplied the freshest scallops and sole, clams and cockles, salmon and halibut, with heads, bones, and cheeks, for soup.

More than that, they patiently guided my newbie fish-eating clients in how to cook every fish. Eddy and Joe taught their customers how to enjoy life, kibitzing, chatting, and cooking, the real catches in the sea of life.

M. Susan Hamilton


The writer is a nutritionist.

How truly sad to see another landmark close. I went to Courthouse Fish for more than 35 years. I could call and ask for the availability of a certain fish or shellfish, but most times I didn’t really need to call because they always had what I was looking for or would recommend something else.


Joe and Eddy Damaso were icons in the East Cambridge community. I wish them the best and hope they enjoy their retirement.

Lisa and Ed Halloran