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Hmm, fly to crowded, costly park or … drive to a N.H. family favorite

The top of the Bamboo Chutes ride offered a vista of Story Land in Glen, N.H.KREITER, Suzanne GLOBE STAFF

Each of the destinations referenced in Christopher Muther’s Feb. 4 Sunday Travel piece, These are the most crowded and expensive theme parks in the world,” requires a flight from New England just to get near the entrance. But beginning in May each year, those with young kids should consider ditching the big-ticket extravaganzas and instead drive to Story Land in Glen, N.H.

My now-fully-grown children loved our regular trips to Story Land. The rides were kid-sized (the Polar Coaster was a favorite), there were no two-hour lines, and the vibe was friendly and relaxed. The scale was manageable and, if I recall, french fries cost about $3.


For sure, Story Land does not have the 200-foot Space Mountain. Nor does it contain giant leaping mechanical sharks. But what it lacks in spectacle it makes up for in a quality, family-oriented atmosphere. Which is what vacations are all about.

Jim Hamilton