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Want to dress and eat like a ‘DunKing’? The tracksuits are sold out.

On Monday, Dunkin' began selling the tracksuits worn by the stars of its 2024 Super Bowl ad.

As it launches an all-out marketing blitz related to its scene-stealing Super Bowl ad Sunday night, Dunkin’ appears to be banking on Ben Affleck being a better salesman than he is a musician.

On Monday, Dunkin’ began selling merch and menu items inspired by the commercial’s self-proclaimed “DunKings” — Affleck flanked by a sheepish Matt Damon and former Patriot Tom Brady, who performed a rousing rendition of their original tune, “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart.”

Included in the “DunKings Collection” are the pink-and-orange, Boston-emblazoned tracksuits worn by the ad’s stars ($60 for the jacket and $60 for the pants), along with a fuzzy pink bucket hat ($40) and pink and orange 40-ounce stainless steel tumblers ($40).


“Now you can FINALLY dress like your favorite boy band of ALL TIME,” said the brand in an Instagram post announcing the collection.

Shortly after noon, only the tumblers remained still in stock on Dunkin’s online store; on Instagram, the brand said it was “restocking the tracksuits ASAP.”

For a limited time, the chain’s menu will also feature a number of DunKing-approved delicacies. Two of the standouts? The “DunKings Iced Coffee,” Affleck’s personal order of a vanilla-noted iced coffee with cream, sweet cold foam, and cinnamon sugar, and the “DunKings Munchkins Skewers,” a kebab of three mini doughnuts on a stick. (Pro tip: you can also use the promo code “DUNKINGS” to score a free iced coffee — Affleck’s treat.)

The brand’s commitment to the bit, both on and off the screen, is a tried-and-true method for breaking through to ad-fatigued viewers in Boston and beyond, said Suffolk University marketing professor Kimberley Ring.

“We could see a great ad on the Super Bowl, and then forget all about it; that’s just how we are as consumers right now,” she said. “But now they do this job of making sure that you see it everywhere, in a bunch of different formats, which triggers your memory.”


“Dunkin’ is doing it right,” she added.

The star-studded spot, teeming with Boston references, finds an overly enthusiastic Affleck crashing a recording session for his superstar wife, Jennifer Lopez, who is not amused with her husband’s free-styling performance. It’s the same exasperation we saw from her during last year during Dunkin’s first Super Bowl commercial, in which she caught her beau taking orders at a Dunkin’ drive-through.

At 60 seconds long, this year’s Super Bowl ad likely cost at least $14 million to air, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The commercials appear to be part of a longstanding partnership between Dunkin’ and Affleck, once mocked for his allegiance to the coffee brand. Since last year’s Super Bowl spot — which was produced by Affleck and Damon’s studio, Artists Equity — Affleck has starred in other ads alongside TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and rapper Ice Spice.

Jonesing for more of the tone-deaf trio? Dunkin’ posted a slew of outtakes from the 60-second spot, from Damon ribbing Affleck over his acting chops to Affleck getting schooled on his football-throwing skills by the longtime No. 12. Watch the clips below — just don’t expect J-Lo to approve.

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