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‘Reimagining this corridor is long overdue’: Vigil planned after another pedestrian struck on North Main Street in Providence

Downtown Providence on a rainy afternoon. Another pedestrian was hit while crossing the road on North Main Street, after three fatal hit-and-runs over the past year.Steven Senne/Associated Press

PROVIDENCE — A vigil and rally for pedestrian safety this week to remember lives lost on North Main Street, including three recent hit-and-run fatalities, has been postponed.

The vigil had been scheduled for Wednesday, but was postponed because of Tuesday’s nor’easter hitting southern New England, according to Providence Street Coalition lead organizer Liza Burkin. The group is made up of organizations advocating for street safety in the city, including changes to North Main Street.

Another pedestrian was struck on the city thoroughfare on Friday, according to Providence Police Chief Oscar Perez. The person was crossing North Main Street at Rochambeau Avenue at around 10 a.m. They were transferred to a hospital and suffered minor injuries, Perez said.


On New Year’s Eve, Edwin English, 57, was killed in a hit-and-run at the same intersection. Vanda Makovetskiy, 85, was killed on North Main Street in a hit-and-run in October. And Zacory Richardson, 38, was struck and killed in a hit-and-run there nearly a year ago.

“We hope you will join us to honor the victims of traffic violence and join together to prevent another tragedy from happening on this or any other street in PVD,” the coalition website said. “As preventable deaths and injuries on North Main Street continue to occur with regularity, reimagining this corridor is long overdue.”

Providence Police Chief Perez said the department is in talks with multiple organizations in the city to figure out a fix.

“We’re definitely in conversations to figure out the best solution,” Perez said.

City Councilor Sue AnderBois, whose ward includes the area, launched a task force last year to weigh safety improvements on North Main Street. The task force met in January. Because parts of North Main Street are federally and privately owned, construction interventions require approvals. The task force discussed low-cost interventions that could improve safety. Some of the interventions discussed were painted curb extensions and medians, signal timing, and daylighting, which involves removing blind spots for cars at intersections, so drivers can see cyclists, pedestrians, and other cars as they approach. The task force also discussed separated bike and and bus only lanes.


This article has been updated to include information that the vigil was postponed.

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