How to save thousands a year from gun violence

Massachusetts has the most stringent gun safety laws in the country. It also has the nation’s lowest rate of gun deaths. Here are #7steps your state can take to save lives.

Mass. lawmakers reveal final criminal justice package

The bill is the culmination of a yearslong effort to shift the balance away from the harsh punishments that came out of anticrime efforts of the 1990s.

// Pence finds refuge on the road

Ensconced in the relative luxury of Air Force Two, Vice President Mike Pence has been able to ride out some of the rockiest patches of Trump’s tumultuous presidency.

// Trump to sign $1.3 trillion spending package hours after threatening veto

President Trump threw doubt on the bill passed by Congress in a Friday morning tweet.

// Here’s what you need for new driver’s licenses

Real ID licenses will be needed by late 2020 to board domestic flights and to enter federal buildings.

// Victim in Maryland school shooting dies

Jaelynn Willey was shot in the head Tuesday at Great Mills High School by 17-year-old Austin Rollins. Police say the two had been in a relationship that recently ended.

// Seven John Bolton policy views you should know about

John Bolton is outspoken and hawkish. And soon he’ll have the ear of the president.

// Two Western Mass. residents win jackpots in separate lottery games

Two lucky Western Massachusetts residents raked in grand prizes after winning games in the Massachusetts State Lottery Monday.

// Hampshire College probing act of ‘deplorable anti-Semitism’ on campus

School president Jonathan Lash said the act is being treated as a criminal matter.

// Toys ‘R’ Us is having a liquidation sale. Here’s what you need to know

Hundreds of stores are scheduled to close in the coming months, which means the company has a lot of inventory to sell.

// What you need to know for the Boston ‘March For Our Lives’ rally

Half a million people are expected to rally in Washington, D.C. An enterprising — and passionate — local group of young people has a planned a “sibling rally” in Boston.

// Parkland, Fla., students and families flew to Washington, D.C., on the Patriots’ plane

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft lent the aircraft to victims and their families to get them to the “March for Our Lives” this weekend.

Fort Myers, FL 2/15/2018: Position players, including now veterans Xander Bogaerts (second from left) and Mookie Betts (second from right) get loose together at the start of today's workout. Spring Training for the Red Sox continued today at the Player Development Complex at Jet Blue Park. (Jim Davis/Globe Staff)

jim davis/globe staff


In the millennial age, it’s a whole different ballgame

Today’s ballplayers have every amenity, convenience, and assistance at their fingertips — not like the old days.


// Now trending in baseball: A youth movement

It’s better to get a talented player to the majors too early instead of wasting one of his peak seasons in Triple A.


// Alex Cora has already changed the Red Sox’ culture

The manager has been bonding with the players in ways that have resulted in a positive atmosphere around the team.

// Kyrie Irving to have ‘minimally invasive’ knee procedure

The procedure is intended to relieve irritation, and there was no timetable given for Irving’s return.

// No ESPN, no endorsement deals, no problem for Amherst College basketball champs

The college’s women’s basketball team has won two straight Division 3 championships and gone 66-0 over the past two seasons.


// Here’s what Alan Dershowitz said when we asked if he’ll join Trump legal team

The former Harvard Law professor has been an outspoken supporter of some of the president’s legal positions.

// Even the naughtiest cat listens to this whisperer

Ignoring the litter box? Jumping on tables? Rachel Geller of Newton has the answer for misbehaving felines — and their harried owners.

The Dating Issue | Magazine

// How Meredith Goldstein became an advice columnist when her own love life was falling apart

An exclusive excerpt from the Love Letters columnist’s new memoir, “Can’t Help Myself.”

Debuting Love Letters: The Podcast


// The Love Letters podcast: How to get over an ex

Is rebound sex empowering, or does it leave you feeling lonelier? Meredith Goldstein investigates.

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Vote in round 3 of Munch Madness

The results are in from Round 2 of this year’s Munch Madness restaurant tournament bracket.

Opinion & Ideas

Opinion | George J. Mitchell

// Banning assault weapons is effective — and not all that complicated

An assault-weapons ban worked before and it can work again.

Modeling’s glamour hides web of abuse

The fashion industry is built on glamour and allure, but many models, especially the very young, know it for something else: sexual exploitation and abuse.


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// Listen to the latest episode of ‘The Readout LOUD’

What’s it like to watch gene therapy happen? Is the next big cancer clinical trial going to work?

Special reports

// Inside the ‘cult’ that catapulted conductor James Levine’s career

At the beginning of the maestro’s 50-year career, Levine ran what some young musicians considered a cult, allegedly making members take loyalty tests and engage in group sex.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

2018 Paralympic Winter Games

Scenes from the Paralympics taking place March 9-18 in PyeongChang, South Korea. 670 athletes with disabilities from around the world compete in 80 events in six different sports.


// Play the crossword

Puzzled? Keep trying your hand at our interactive crossword and see if you can triumph.