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Alan Wirzbicki

Senior Assistant Managing Editor for Editorials


Alan Wirzbicki is the Globe's deputy editor for editorials and has worked at the paper since 2004. Along with the editorial page editor, he assigns, oversees, and edits the unsigned editorials that express the views of the Globe's editorial board. He also edits and writes a weekly email newsletter for the Globe, Are We There Yet?, about the future of transportation in Greater Boston.

Previously, Wirzbicki was the paper's senior editorial writer, and wrote on a wide variety of topics, including housing, casinos, energy, and local politics. He has written or edited many of the Globe’s political endorsements over the last decade, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing in 2021 for editorials about housing policy in Massachusetts. Along the way, has also written about dying technologies for the Ideas section; authored an online news quiz for bostonglobe.com; and drawn one editorial cartoon (so far).

Prior to joining the editorial board in 2011, Wirzbicki was a correspondent in the Globe’s Washington bureau, where he covered the Massachusetts Congressional delegation. He is a native of Connecticut and a graduate of Harvard, where he was president of the Harvard Crimson student newspaper. He lives in West Roxbury. You can follow his cats on Instagram at @therogerbrothers.