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Eliza Dewey

Segment Producer, Boston Globe Today


Eliza Dewey is a segment producer for Boston Globe Today, where she crafts in-studio interviews that bring Globe reporting to life on screen while also producing original videos shot in the field. She has worked in journalism for nine years, including community journalism and public media in Boston (Dorchester Reporter, Bay State Banner and GBH News), self-published freelance work in India and an investigative television series in Miami (Fusion TV’s ‘The Naked Truth’). She received her journalism master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, where she specialized at the Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism and wrote a longform piece about addiction services for people getting released from jail or prison. She also previously worked on Capitol Hill for then-Representative Ed Markey, where she advised on public policy related to income inequality. She's interested in creative storytelling that challenges dominant narratives and in expanding access to journalism careers for others. You can reach her at eliza.dewey@boston.globe and find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliza-dewey-52072631/.