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Francis Storrs

Editor, Globe Magazine


Francis Storrs is editor of the Globe Magazine, the Boston Globe’s award-winning Sunday magazine. Among other projects, he co-edited Janelle Nanos’ 2022 Pulitzer-finalist “Kate Price remembers something terrible,” and edited Jack Thomas’ widely read 2021 essay “I just learned I only have months to live,” as well as stories on the last days of a lost hiker, an epic feud between wealthy neighbors, and special issues looking back at 50 years of the Spotlight Team and 150 of the Globe itself. Outside of the magazine, he edited the Globe’s “Two Weeks in America” series, winner of the 2023 Lowell Thomas Gold Award, in which 12 intrepid journalists filed more than 85 dispatches from across the country, including on a legendary Lakota horseman, a mother who fostered 79 children, and the weird world of Elvis impersonators. He originally joined the Globe as an assistant magazine editor in 2010, and he’s previously been editorial director of alumni publications at Tufts University and a senior editor at Boston Magazine. He has a master's degree in English from Boston College and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut with dual bachelor’s degrees in English and American Studies.