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Exploring solutions to racial inequality.

Just as 19th-century antislavery publications reframed and amplified the quest for abolition, The Emancipator centers critical voices, debates, and evidence-based opinion to reframe the national conversation on racial equity and hasten a more racially just society.

We put journalists, scholars, and community members into conversation, showcasing missing and underamplified voices — past and present — and demonstrating how they reveal the way forward.

America’s tendency toward anti-Blackness compels us to dissect and decode the structural underpinnings of white supremacy, which endangers us all. Whether an individual is Asian, Latino, Native American, Black, or White, when the nation is pressed to live up to its ideals by addressing people underserved and abused by social policy and laws, history shows everyone benefits. The Emancipator seeks to create a world where everyone shares responsibility to create and uphold equitable opportunities. Using Black liberation as a point of entry into foundational ideas about freedom and democracy, we explore the toxic impact of racism on all communities.

The Emancipator goes beyond so-called “conversations about race” to interrogate how we got here and how we can dismantle racist policies, institutions, and norms. Slavery has morphed into the widespread racism that affects us all: Just as antiracist ideas and solutions were needed then, so are they now.

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