Daily guide of TV movies and radio highlights


(Comcast Movies) Rebecca Dreyfus’s documentary, about the theft of 13 paintings from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990, shrewdly oscillates between details from Gardner’s personal history, the mounting search for the works, and woebegone art scholars. You’ll come for the central mystery, but you’ll remember the ghostly atmosphere. (Unrated; runs through Feb. 24)

Wesley Morris


(Comcast Movie Collections: Just In) Anna Kendrick stars in this college singing-group comedy in which the throwaway lines are so many and so expertly deployed that you basically spend the whole movie digging through the trash. But the scenes of crassness, broadness, and projectile vomit point to the exasperating possibility that moviemakers have learned the wrong lesson from “Bridesmaids.” With Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson. (PG-13; runs through May 30)

Wesley Morris


(Starz on Comcast) The film details with harrowing brilliance the true story of an Australian concert pianist, unforgettably played by Geoffrey Rush, who reclaims his life and his career after being traumatized into a 15-year-long nervous breakdown by his tyrannical, guilt-tripping father. (PG-13; runs through Jan. 31)