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    Daily guide


    Neighborhood Kitchens
    4 p.m. WGBH (Channel 2)
    Café Azteca in Lawrence.

    This Old House Hour 5 p.m. WGBH (Channel 2) Plastic dry wells are installed to prevent yard flooding.

    High School Quiz Show 6 p.m. WGBH (Channel 2) Framingham vs. Wachusett.



    Only a Game 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. WBUR-FM (90.9) A look at both basketball Final Fours.

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    Innovation Hub 10 a.m. WGBH-FM (89.7) Nathan Myhrvold, former Microsoft CTO and author of “Modernist Cuisine.”


    For Love of the Game 8 p.m. (FLIX) A pitcher (Kevin Costner) tries to hurl a perfect game. PG-13 (1999)

    Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story 8 p.m., midnight (LMN) The life journey of Ben Carson (Cuba Gooding Jr.), who overcame obstacles to become a doctor. NR (2009)

    1 Spot 8 p.m. (ESPNC) Profiles of eight teen basketball stars. PG-13 (2008)


    Heat 8 p.m. (ENCR) An obsessive detective tracks a thief in this smart, stylish crime thriller. Al Pacino. R (1995)

    Juno 8 p.m. (OXY) Witty comedy about a sassy pregnant teen (Best Actress nominee Ellen Page). PG-13 (2007)

    Kickboxer 8 p.m. (50) Martial-arts expert Jean Claude Van Damme is out for revenge. R (1989)

    Kiss the Girls 8 p.m. (MAX) A forensic psychologist tracks a serial killer. Morgan Freeman. R (1997)

    Lawrence of Arabia 8 p.m. (TCM) David Lean’s epic about T.E. Lawrence. Peter O’Toole. G (1962)


    Mr. Deeds 8 p.m. (COM) A rube (Adam Sandler) tangles with city slickers in this dumbed-down remake. PG-13 (2002)

    Mrs. Doubtfire 8 p.m. (OVAT) A divorced man (Robin Williams) poses as a nanny to see his kids. PG-13 (1993)

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    8 p.m. (IFC) Quirky tale of an escaped con (George Clooney) looking for treasure. PG-13 (2000)

    Sparkle 8 p.m., 11 p.m. (TV1) Three women form a singing act. Irene Cara. PG (1976)

    Starting Out in the Evening 8 p.m. (SUND) Ingratiating May-December romance between a teacher (Frank Langella) and a grad student. PG-13 (2007)

    The Proposal 8 p.m.,
    10:30 p.m. (FX) A businesswoman (Sandra Bullock) rushes into a marriage of convenience with her young assistant. PG-13 (2009)

    300 8 p.m. (TNT) Ripping epic about undermanned Spartans battling Persian forces in 480 B.C. Gerard Butler. R (2007)

    MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate 8:30 p.m. (WAM) A chimp goes bananas on the skateboarding circuit. Scott Goodman. G (2001)

    Accidentally in Love 9 p.m. (HALMRK) A kids-show actor (Ethan Erickson) and a single mom (Jennie Garth) butt heads. NR (2011)

    Batman Returns 9 p.m. (FAM) The Caped Crusader (Michael Keaton) vs. the Penguin and Catwoman. PG-13 (1992)

    Battledogs 9 p.m. (SYFY) An army of super soldiers battle a werewolf virus. NR (2013)

    Saw 9 p.m. (TMC) Two men are held captive by a sadistic killer in this gruesome thriller. Leigh Whannell. R (2004)

    The Secret Life of Bees 9 p.m. (BET) Story of a young white girl (Dakota Fanning) and her black caregiver in 1960s South Carolina. PG-13 (2008)

    Total Recall 9 p.m. (STARZ) A factory worker is branded a spy after an attempt to take a virtual vacation goes horribly awry. PG-13 (2012)

    Dark Shadows 10 p.m. (MAX) An 18th-century vampire returns to his mansion after being entombed for 200 years. PG-13 (2012)

    For Love or Money 10 p.m. (WAM) A concierge (Michael J. Fox) is torn between love and ambition. PG (1993)

    A Good Year 10 p.m. (SUND) A London investment broker inherits a vineyard in France. Russell Crowe. PG-13 (2006)

    Hoop Dreams 10 p.m. (ESPNC) Inspirational true story that follows two high-school athletes. PG-13 (1994)

    It’s Complicated 10 p.m. (OXY) A divorced couple (Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin) rediscover their passion for one another. R (2009)

    Jackass: The Movie 10 p.m. (MTV) Pranksters perform rude and crude stunts. Johnny Knoxville. R (2002)