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    Daily guide of TV movies and radio highlights


    Neighborhood Kitchens: Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel 4 p.m. WGBH (Channel 2) Richard Garcia, executive chef at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, tours Fish Pier and learns how to make “trash fish” minestrone soup.


    Only a Game 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. WBUR-FM (90.9) The sports helmet industry is booming, but when will we see fewer concussions?

    Innovation Hub 10 a.m.
    WGBH-FM (89.7) The power of bacteria .


    Boston Symphony Orchestra from Tanglewood 8 p.m. WCRB Classical New England (99.5) Soprano Audra McDonald joins the Boston Pops with laureate conductor John Williams for Film Night.

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    “¡Con Salsa!” 10 p.m. WBUR-FM (90.9) Singer Tito Nieves and the San Francisco Bay salsa scene.


    An Officer and a Murderer
    8 p.m., midnight (LMN) A Canadian Air Force officer is suspected of murder. NR (2012)

    Animal Kingdom 8 p.m. (SUND) Joshua (James Frecheville) struggles with turning evidence against his criminal family. R (2010)

    Dances with Wolves 8 p.m. (ENCR) Oscar-winner about a soldier (director Kevin Costner) and a tribe of Sioux Indians. PG-13 (1990)


    Escape From Polygamy 8 p.m. (LIFE) Two teens in love try to escape from a polygamous community. NR (2013)

    It’s Complicated 8 p.m. (68) A divorced couple (Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin) rediscover their passion for one another. R (2009)

    Joe Dirt 8 p.m. (E) A loser relates his sad history to a deejay in this tasteless comedy. David Spade. PG-13 (2001)

    The Karate Kid 8 p.m. (FX) A young boy (Jaden Smith) learns kung fu from a kindly maintenance man (Jackie Chan). PG (2010)

    The Social Network8 p.m., 10:30 p.m. (FXM) Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) creates the website Facebook, but soon faces numerous lawsuits. PG-13 (2010)


    Riding in Cars With Boys
    8 p.m. (38) Drew Barrymore as a teen mom coping with her choices in life. PG-13 (2001)

    Silent Hill 8 p.m. (IFC) A woman’s daughter vanishes in a spooky ghost town. Radha Mitchell. R (2006)

    Sweet Home Alabama 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m. (OXY) A fashion designer (Reese Witherspoon) is torn between her rich fiance and good-ol’-boy hubby. PG-13 (2002)

    A Thin Line Between Love and Hate 8 p.m., 11 p.m. (TV1) A womanizer’s latest conquest just won’t let go. Martin Lawrence. R (1996)

    Walker Payne 8 p.m. (50) Portrait of an ex-con and deadbeat dad (Jason Patric) in rural Illinois, circa 1957. Sam Shepard. R (2006)

    Ghostbusters II 8:30 p.m. (WAM) They’re back with slime on their hands. Bill Murray. PG (1989)

    After All These Years 9 p.m. (HALMRK) A woman becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her philandering husband. NR (2013)

    The Cheshire Murders 9 p.m., midnight (CNN) A chronicle of a 2007 home invasion that resulted in arson. NR (2013)

    Con Air 9 p.m., 11:32 p.m. (SPIKE) Inmates hijack a plane, trapping a homeward-bound ex-con. Nicolas Cage. R (1997)

    Hard Ride to Hell 9 p.m. (TMC) Campers flee from a devil-worshiping motorcycle gang after they witness a blood sacrifice. NR (2009)

    Ocean’s Thirteen 9 p.m. (BRAVO) Danny Ocean (George Clooney) reunites his crew for another casino heist. PG-13 (2007)

    Precious 9 p.m. (BET) An illiterate, pregnant teen (Gabourey Sidibe) finds hope at an alternative school. R (2009)

    The Prestige 9 p.m. (SYFY) Two Victorian-era magicians have a dangerous rivalry. Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale. PG-13 (2006)

    Die Another Day 10 p.m. (FLIX) Madman with satellite-laser vs. 007. Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry. Fast-paced, but routine. PG-13 (2002)

    Magic Mike 10 p.m. (MAX) Veteran male stripper Magic Mike teaches a protege about seducing women. R (2012)

    Menace II Society 10 p.m. (VH1) Gripping tale of teens trapped in Watts. Tyrin Turner. R (1993)

    The More the Merrier 10 p.m. (TCM) Classic farce about two men sharing a woman’s flat in a WWII housing shortage. Joel McCrea. NR (1943)