Music Review

Sphinx Virtuosi play in living color at Gardner Museum

The 18-member self-conducted orchestra includes some of the nation’s top black and Latinx string players.

Miss June frontwoman mixes med school with a degree in pop-punk

From the road, singer/guitarist Annabel Liddell spills details on personality quizzes, balancing med school with music, and what happens when women musicians get pitted against each other.

TV Critic’s Corner

Reading the tea leaves for fall series

Most of the networks’ fall series have already arrived and, while it’s still much too soon to know which ones will ultimately perform well, a few things seem clear based on how interested audiences were initially.

music review

At TD Garden, the Black Keys keep it lean

The blues-rock duo served up 90 minutes of no-nonsense rock.

‘Elizabeth Warren’ claps back in spoof of LGBTQ town hall on ‘Saturday Night Live’

The cold open poked fun at Joe Biden’s gaffes and Elizabeth Warren’s clap back to those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

Dance Review

Fernanda Ghi makes tango ‘Black + White’

Though most of the scenarios are basic, Ghi’s company delivers a visually impressive hour of superb dancing at the Virginia Wimberly Theatre.

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