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Without Amy Lee, the men of Evanescence would be faceless grind-and-pounders. Without them, Lee would be just another histrionic doom-bunny lamenting her love life over a piano. But that’s the magic that comes with finding the right creative foil, and Evanescence’s self-titled third album captures each party elevating the other far above where their proclivities would get them on their own. With the metallic lurch playing off of Lee’s goth-empress vocals, leadoff track “What You Want’’ is a strong declaration that they’re back after a five-year absence (and yet another lineup shift), and “My Heart Is Broken’’ is a banshee howl of defiant, self-lacerating rage. Glimpses of the less-interesting solo artist Lee could have been - the slow and sensitive piano-and-strings first third of “Lost in Paradise,’’ the atmospheric electronics of closer “Swimming Home’’ - are drags, and the band itself gets very little breathing room. But they show that she needs them to reign. (Out tomorrow)


ESSENTIAL “My Heart Is Broken’’

Evanescence performs at the Palladium in Worcester Oct. 28.