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Atlas Sound’s ‘Parallax’

It already feels like ages since Deerhunter’s magical night-in-the-rearview album “Halcyon Digest’’ came out in 2009. The new one from frontman Bradford Cox’s solo project highlights the distance. Far from the intrepid sonic wandering in “Halcyon,’’ “Parallax’’ feels like a few days locked in a bedroom with the flu. There’s an old quilt thrown over the drums and guitars, and Cox’s bitter, mumbling vocals bend and stretch through canyons of warm echoes. It sounds like a recipe for a dozen buzz bands this year, but Atlas Sound transcends the fads. Melodies shine through like faint stars through the window. On “Amplifiers,’’ a disjointed Motown groove undercuts ’60s sci-fi sound effects as Cox wistfully croons in falsetto about roads less traveled. “You say you know my friend/ That one kid I mistook for/ My future,’’ he sings, wetly gasping through the mike like it’s a respirator. Cox wrings a lot of tension out of his muffled voice, though, even in obtuse tunes like the title track, which rocks back and forth over a lamenting electric piano line and shimmering pixie dust. It’s these concise, scrappy Sebadoh mechanics and precious Bowie posturing that make Cox such a compelling shut-in. (Out today)

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