Deval Patrick’s book was not a bestseller

Yes, Governor Deval Patrick is pitching another book to publishers, but considering how poorly the first one sold, we’re wondering who’ll take a chance on No. 2. According to Neilsen BookScan, Patrick’s first book, “A Reason to Believe,’’ has sold 9,445 copies in hardcover since coming out last April. And for that, Random House gave the governor a whopping $1.3 million advance. For the math averse, that means the publisher paid about $137 per book. By comparison, Senator Scott Brown’s book, “Against All Odds,’’ which came out a few months before Patrick’s, has sold 26,786 copies in hardcover - and another 656 audio books. (Apparently, there isn’t an audio version of Patrick’s book, and Kindle numbers aren’t available.) Brown’s publisher hasn’t made a mint on the senator’s book, but they didn’t take a bath. HarperCollins gave Brown a $700,000 advance, which translates to about $25 per book, a better bargain than Patrick’s tome.