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Charmingly Ghetto, ‘Study A’broad’

New sounds from close to home

For an up-and-coming rapper still making his name locally, opting to seek out instrumentals from producers outside of Boston - and the rest of the country, for that matter - is a bold move. But on the online mixtape “Study A’broad,’’ going outside of his immediate surroundings helps Dorchester-based lyricist Charmingly Ghetto develop a sound that isn’t tied down to the well-defined East Coast rap aesthetic. Working with producers from Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, and various other locales, CG crafts a surprisingly cohesive collection of tracks that showcase his rapidly developing songwriting skills and a mature mike presence that betrays his young age. His direct, punchy rhymes can engage in the requisite rap posturing (see the cooly confident strut of “Glory’’), but CG is infinitely more interesting when he allows his mind to wander through deeper emotions, as on the ironically titled “Simplicity’’ and the melancholic “Alone in the World,’’ costarring Reks, a rapper CG’s highly personal and forceful style is reminiscent of. Over the warm jazz flute and piano beat of “Follow Me,’’ he remarks, “I think I’ve found my sound’’; international or local, Charmingly Ghetto is in a good place right now. (Out now)

Available online at www.charminglyghetto.com.