Young London, ‘Young London’

Teen-pop has long served desperate working-class aspirations, like the shiny happy inverse of heavy metal. So it makes some sense that Boston-area native Matt Rhodes started off 10 years ago fronting And Then There Were None, a nominally Christian metal band that morphed into a bombastic electro-pop outfit. Rhodes now completes the transition with fake Euro-disco for tweenage girls in a new duo with onetime folk singer Sarah Graziani. Backed by local producer Mark Maxwell (Blake Lewis, Boys Like Girls) and signed to a secular subsidiary of Tooth and Nail, a Christian rock label, Young London has already struck promotional deals with national retail chains and placed Internet ads everywhere. The backing is justified by the debut’s malignantly catchy lead singles “New Reputation’’ and “Let Me Go,’’ which balance their chirpy bounce with Graziani’s straightforward yearning. But despite a few sly numbers like “Whipped,’’ most are like “Celebrity’’ (“Wish I could be / A celebri-tee’’). It’s the risk of desperately pumping pop music until it’s lighter than air. (Out now)



Young London celebrates its CD release Tuesday night at the Middle East Upstairs.