Jan. 26, 9 p.m.-1 a.m., Club Oberon, 2 Arrow St., Cambridge. Tickets: $15 general admission, $45 VIP. All proceeds go to the AIDS Action Committee. 18+, 21 to drink. 617-496-8004, www.cluboberon.com.

The deal: Twice a month, the Foxy Action Group hosts a gay DJ/dance night in Central Square. Thursday, they pair with the AIDS Action Committee for a “Love Boat’’-themed rendition of their biannual Mr. Goodbar disco party, complete with scantily clad DJs, special performances, and ’70s mustaches galore. “It should be a bright and happy affair,’’ says Nathanael Bluhm, Foxy DJ and organizer for the event. “Hopefully we can create a cruise ship deck atmosphere in the middle of January. . . . I just tried on my captain’s cap and I look like the millionaire from ‘Gilligan’s Island.’ ’’


The DJs: Bluhm, Neil Contractor, and James Cerne cozy up in the DJ booth, with performances by drag queen Frieda Fries and choreographer Bart Mather. “[Mather] is from the Boston Conservatory and is pulling together a bunch of other Boston Conservatory dancers to, you know, put on a little show for the night,’’ says Contractor.

Who goes there: Anyone “who would want to come to a less mainstream gay event. . . . We’ll play anything from funk to soul to mostly disco - anything that’s not pop, mainstream - in a really sweaty, fun environment where you can take your clothes off. Taking your shirt off is encouraged,’’ says Contractor.

Expect to hear: “When we think of ‘Love Boat,’ we think of Charo, which is definitely going to get some play,’’ says Bluhm. You can also expect to hear a rendition of the “Love Boat’’ theme.

The tip: Play dress up. “We want to encourage everything from sailors to pirates to tourists in Hawaiian shirts,’’ says Contractor. “French sailor outfits are quite cute,’’ adds Bluhm.


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