Boston's club scene, one party at a time


Tuesday, 9:30 p.m., Middlesex Lounge, 315 Mass. Ave. Free. 21+. 617-868-6739, www.middlesexlounge.us.

The deal: Paul Mason, owner of Newbury Street resale store Rescue by day, is a party impresario by night. On Tuesday night, Rescue pairs with skater haven Blvd and owner Chris Villano for a party at the Middlesex. Expect a wide variety of music, ranging from punk to post-punk to new wave and “now wave,’’ a term Mason got from his sister. “It’s almost for that genre of kind of dance-y rock ’n’ roll that was coming out in the early 2000s,’’ says Mason. “A ‘new wave’ revival.’’ Expect the Ramones, as well as Bloc Party and a little bit of rap. “We like to think that it’s a dance party, but sometimes people don’t really dance,’’ says Mason.


The DJs: Mason and Villano are joined by Mason’s sister, Jeralyn, and Rescue co-owner and friend Chris Keiley.

Who goes there: “There’s definitely a lot of skater dudes,’’ says Paul Mason. “For lack of a better term, they’re kind of hipsters. A lot of people wear skinny jeans and dress well.’’

Three songs you might hear: “Boys Don’t Cry,’’ the Cure; “Damaged Goods,’’ Gang of Four; and “Someday,’’ the Strokes. “We kind of play whatever we feel like,’’ says Mason.

The tip: Though it’s minimal, there will likely be some rap in the mix. “People tend to get annoyed with that sometimes,’’ says Mason. “Be prepared to hear at least one Kanye West song.’’