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In ‘Casa de mi Padre,’ Will Ferrell comes with subtitles

Every so often, a movie critic is reminded that he sees movies for free and other people don’t, and that shelling out one’s hard-earned cash does affect one’s response to a given film. Commercial moviegoing is, more than we admit, a value proposition. Another way of putting it is that as tickled as I was by the slaphappy one-joke silliness of “Casa de mi Padre,’’ I’d be a lot less amused if I’d paid $23 for a pair of tickets and another $20 for the “food.’’

The Internet’s to blame, again. Director Matt Piedmont and screenwriter Andrew Steele have bona fides as writers for “Saturday Night Live’’ and Jon Stewart, but lately they’ve been responsible for the content of “Funny or Die,’’ the Web sketch-comedy brainchild of “Casa de mi Padre’’ star Will Ferrell and writer-director Adam McKay. The new movie is very much a “Funny or Die’’ meme that somehow escaped the corral and is roaming free in (some of) the nation’s movie theaters. It’s a solid short film stretched to Silly Putty thinness.

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