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    Noisy Neighbors

    John Barera’s new EP, ‘Mile End’

    New sounds from close to home



    Has someone already invented an underwater dance club? If not, the soundtrack for the opening night has already been written, with this four-track techno, deep-, and dub-house release from Boston producer and DJ John Barera. “Mile End’’ sets the pace with its careening high-speed submarine chase pulse. Subsonic whale mating calls form the backbone of the bass line, while steely washes echo in the background. The track, like the other three on “Mile End,’’ effectively creates a sense of deeply unfolding space - it’s got a textural quality that sounds like you could dive straight into it without ever hitting the bottom. “Music Industry’’ begins on firm ground, with vectors of locomotive sound over elaborately stuttering percussion, before an invigorating plunge into icy depths, and a detour into an echo-chamber of compressed sound bubbles. Halfway through, a player-piano on the deck of a sunken ship clangs out a house-style riff on barnacled keys. There’s a soulful, if ghostly, presence behind the compositions here, including the fractured communication of the disco-vocal sampling “Sound Love’’; and it all remains uptempo and precisely constructed without lagging into detached technicality. (Out Monday)

    ESSENTIAL “Mile End’’

    John Barera performs as part of the Together Music Festival closing party with his record release event on April 8 at the Middlesex Lounge. Listen at