Is ‘NYC 22’ worth the time?

Jessica Pare, has fit very nicely into the “Mad Men” cast as Megan, the new wife of Don Draper.
Jessica Pare has fit very nicely into the “Mad Men” cast as Megan, the new wife of Don Draper.

On Thursday, the Globe’s Sarah Rodman chatted with readers about TV. Following are edited and condensed excerpts from the chat.

Q. Is “NYC 22” worth the time? [I] missed it on the tube and haven’t watched online yet. How many police shows can CBS show?

A. As many as people are willing to watch? And, apparently, the appetite is pretty ravenous. I thought the pilot was OK. I like [actor] Adam Goldberg. I can’t imagine I will stick with it. Sunday [night] is just too competitive for TV!

Q. Anyone up for serious “Mad Men” talk? I loved the last episode, [a] return to top form. Brilliantly funny, farcical, and dramatic episode. Megan really fits in with the cast and Don. That “Cynthia!” moment was the second funniest line and served to take us “in on the joke” with the new Drapers. I am now fully engaged with Don trying to be a better man, suppressing his [former identity Dick] Whitman, and properly using his Don Draper-ness.


A. Yes, yes, and yes. So many good lines in this episode. I loved Roger [Sterling’s quip] during the fight [between Lane Pryce and Pete Campbell]: “I don’t know about you two, but I had Lane.” And the way that Peggy gaped in the doorway and then just walked away. And how great/lame was Ken [Cosgrove’s] pen name? Ben Hargrove.

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Q. I have stuck with “The Killing’’ despite not knowing who Rosie’s killer is. The second season has gone away from the murder and more into the dysfunction of the characters. Not sure how long I will hang in. What do you think?

A. I was only slightly perturbed by the lack of [the] reveal of [the murderer] since I’m a journey vs. destination person and think the acting on the show is pretty great.

Q. I am sorry to see “The Closer’’ leave. Do you think [its spinoff] “Major Crimes’’ will survive with Mary McDonnell in the lead role? I thought she was obnoxious — her character, not [the actress].

A. Yes, but it does seem like it’s time. I will always have a special “Battlestar Galactica”-created place in my heart for McDonnell so I’m hopeful.


Q. Any word on when “Episodes” will be back? I was never a “Friends” fan but I love Matt [LeBlanc] in “Episodes.”

A. Agreed, I was a big fan of that show. It’s back July 1.

Q. Are you a fan of “Blue Bloods’’? I really love Donnie Wahlberg. Fell in love with him in “Boomtown,’’ another painfully underappreciated series. My husband, who is a police lieutenant, says it’s the most realistic cop show on TV.

A. Wow, Donnie would be pleased to hear that. I love him, and whenever I happen to catch the show I enjoy it. It’s pretty formulaic but [features] good acting. And yes to “Boomtown” [as painfully underappreciated].

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