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Antje Duvekot, ‘New Siberia’



“You rode in on the coattails of Pandora’s good grace and you’ll ride out on a wrecking ball,” sings Antje Duvekot, a rising star of Boston’s folk scene, on “Into the City,’’ the opening song on her latest full-length. Duvekot’s life has drifted along a strange path; she grew up in Germany before uprooting to Delaware as a teenager and figuring out English as one would a new guitar tuning. Her rise to prominence can be attributed to a paper plane voice fluttering through breezes with a reedy Irish lilt and keen lyrical sense of dignity and destruction. “Glamorous Girls” bolsters awkward girlfriends against storms of prom queens, “using my books as flotation devices,” and the heartbreaking “Ballad of Fred Noonan” takes up the loving cause of Amelia Earhart’s faithful navigator. “New Siberia” charts frosty, cinematic territory where frozen strings pluck violently in the shadows and electric guitars howl in the distance as Duvekot tangles with a ghost mother. “Though I had no armor, you just let me go,” she sings, tracing old scars. It’s an epiphany that plays out in a dream state that persists for most of the album.

ESSENTIAL “Ballad of Fred Noonan’’

Antje Duvekot will perform a weekend of album release shows, Fri-Sun, at Club Passim.