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Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra, ‘Theatre Is Evil’

This past spring, Amanda Palmer took to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to finance her next album; her fans obliged by dumping $1.2 million in her lap. The resulting “Theatre Is Evil” rarely betrays its budget. With some exceptions — like opener “Smile (Pictures or It Didn’t Happen),” which is like every song on the White Album played at once — the record is the most unvarnished rock music Palmer’s ever created, leaning heavily on ’80s goth and the oddball New Wave of folks like Lene Lovich. But Palmer returns the support to her fanbase tenfold in songs like “The Bed Song” (a wrenching solo-piano waltz chronicling a rotting relationship) and “Massachusetts Avenue,” a celebratory anthem encoded with the notion of misfits achieving victory through fraternity. “You don’t need to be alone at all,” sings Palmer, who knows it more than anyone. (Out now) MARC HIRSH

ESSENTIAL “Massachusetts Avenue”

Palmer performs at the Paradise Nov. 15-17.