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    TV chat: ‘Dexter’ getting better or worse?

    Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter in “Dexter.”
    Randy Tepper/Showtime
    Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter in “Dexter.”

    Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers last Thursday on Here are excerpts.

    Q. Do you agree that “Dexter” has outlived its ability to provide good TV?

    A. Alas. Yes, I agree. The Deb-knowing business added something to the first two episodes. But now the show is re-dying. Big plot turns like that can add a burst of interest, but if they’re not carefully considered they can do harm in the long run.

    Q. I am really enjoying “Dexter.” I think they are struggling with the “Deb knowing thing,” but I do think it will develop into better plots. She is becoming an accomplice!


    A. Such an optimist! Don’t stop believin’.

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    Q. Does Steve Buscemi have a relative playing a bit part in “Nurse Jackie”?

    A. Yes, his brother plays God.

    Q. I am really enjoying “Nashville” so far. Kind of reminds me of an ’80s nighttime soap — but a good one! And the music has been great.

    A. Yes, I love it too. I was thinking that the story lines are like story lines in country songs. I hope the ratings improve.


    Q. When will laugh tracks die?

    A. Actually, they may be making a comeback. HAHAHA.

    There will always be old-school multicamera sitcoms. There is a huge comedy audience that really likes that live feeling — think “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men.” Laugh tracks create an atmosphere of funny. They cue the at-home audience to feel happy and to laugh at specific jokes. It’s a virtual peer group. I wish they’d have Tear Tracks. People boo-hoo-ing when things get sad on “CSI” or “Boardwalk Empire.”

    Q. I am waiting for some new “Luther” episodes on BBC America. Any word on that?

    A. Yes. It’s filming a third season of four episodes this month. No word on whether Ruth Wilson will be back. Season 2 suffered without her in a more integral role.


    Q. Did you see Bobby Cannavale on “Nurse Jackie”? Was the kid who played his son his real son?

    A. Yes, Cannavale’s son on the show was his real life son, Jake. He’s a promising young actor, right?

    Q. Thoughts on “Revenge” this year?

    A. It’s funny how a show you love can lose its charms for you. I still like “Revenge,” it’s entertaining, I love Jennifer Jason Leigh . . . but I don’t have to see every single episode anymore. That happened to me with “Gossip Girl,” too. After the second season of that show, I just felt less compelled. Nighttime soaps are tricky that way. Their trashiness is fun, until they’re just trashy.

    Q. I never caught your opinion of “The Middle.” I really like it, especially the kids.

    A. I like the kids and the hubby, but I don’t like Patricia Heaton. She is way too jazzed up. It’s that sitcomy sitcom acting. Can’t stand it. The kid Brick is a classic.

    Matthew Gilbert can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Matthew