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    Karl Lagerfeld’s views set stage for insecurity


    The last time I saw a picture of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld smiling, he was about 80 pounds heavier. Since then, a slimmed down and scowling Lagerfeld has been making disparaging comments about curvy women. Only he usually doesn’t call them curvy, he calls them fat.

    A group representing the rights of plus-size women in France has had enough; they’d like to see the 80-year-old fined for his comments. There have been many. He was criticized for calling Adele “a little too fat.” He recently claimed the French health care system is being brought down because of “diseases caught by people who are too fat.”

    Despite his size-ist statements, the man is a design genius who revived Chanel.


    Blame his insensitivity on hunger or his tight ponytail , but Lagerfeld has every right to spout off his batty views. In fact, it’s likely he’s saying what a lot of other designers are thinking. There are always complaints about models being too thin, but little ever changes. A lawsuit or fine won’t change Lagerfeld’s views, but maybe they could spark a broader conversation about curvy women on the runway. Meanwhile, could somebody please fetch the man a croissant?

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