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Outside the Box to return in 2015

Mighty Mighty Bosstones performed at the festival last July.Aram Boghosian for Boston Globe/file

We were wondering why we hadn’t heard any news lately from the Outside the Box festival. As you recall, the arts and music festival was a vast undertaking last year. The brainchild of Boston-born arts patron and philanthropist Ted Cutler, it brought crowds to Boston Common and City Hall Plaza to see more than 200 acts, including such popular bands as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Los Lobos, in the inaugural fest last July 13-21.

Well, it won’t be happening this summer. Cutler released a statement on the festival’s Facebook page on Tuesday saying that Outside the Box will return in 2015.


“For this festival to continue,” Cutler wrote, “the next version of Outside the Box must be created. It must consist of collaborative efforts of many arts and civic organizations to provide the efficiencies, innovation, and agilities for this mission to change the culture.”

Cutler faced his share of problems launching the festival last year. As he searched for sponsors, he was cautioned that it could cost him more than $5 million. And management troubles brought additional challenges. But in his statement, Cutler pointed to the festival’s successes. He said that hundreds of thousands of people had enjoyed the festival’s free entertainment. And he added that the organization would be introducing a membership program this spring.

“We are going to take the next year and build an organization comprised of the finest organizations and individuals in the region that share the mission of Outside the Box,” Cutler wrote. “Together we will build a festival that will return in the summer of 2015 that will be comprised of the entire community, not just for the entire community.”

Cutler could not immediately be reached on Wednesday for comment. Last year, he was optimistic about the festival’s growth. “This will get bigger and bigger every year,” he told the Globe. Now Bostonians will just have to wait to see how his vision plays out.