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White Hinterland, ‘Baby’

Scituate native Casey Dienel’s third album under the White Hinterland moniker seems to construct itself as it goes, incrementally expanding from the bits and scraps of piano and multi-layered unaccompanied vocals of opener “Wait Until Dark” and culminating in the rollicking, if skewed, roll of penultimate track “Sickle No Sword.” That creates forward momentum, even when the songs are so busy turning themselves inside-out that they barely move. When she’s not busy recalling tUnE-yArDs (“White Noise”), Haim (“Ring the Bell”), Carole King (“Live With You”), or “Sensual World”/“Red Shoes”-era Kate Bush (“David”), Dienel wrests tension between the fervency of R&B and the harshness of her studio-chopped arrangements, though she tends to tip toward the latter. Many performers would be content to throw out one naked, up-close “Is this my weakness?” after the instruments drop out of the end of the title track for effect. Dienel repeats the line four times to force the listener to come to grips with it, and maybe herself, too. (Out Tuesday)


ESSENTIAL “Metronome”

White Hinterland plays Great Scott on April 17.