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After his Americana explorations with Alison Krauss and the Band of Joy, Robert Plant returns to and extends what he started with 2007’s “Mighty ReArranger,” collaborating with the same cast — now the Sensational Space Shifters. The album begins and ends with versions of the bluegrass standard “Little Maggie,” the first shot through with loops, blips, beats, and the sound of Juldeh Camara’s riti; the second, a transformation of that transformation. Between come murmuring desert blues; a reworking (of Leadbelly’s “Poor Howard”) that starts out old-timey, then goes full-African; snippets of Victorian poetry and cops of Led Zep lyrics; piano-led balladry; trippy trance; and an epic peak, “Embrace Another Fall,” full of pounding drums, massive guitar riffage, and the otherworldly keening of Welsh singer Julie Murphy. Plant has glossed all of this as “trance meets Zep,” but it’s more: a kaleidoscope that shows he still has much to say. (Out Tuesday) STUART MUNRO

ESSENTIAL "Embrace Another Fall"

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