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From a pentitent Bono to the Snappening

If it’s a trend, a clip, a comment, a moment, a meme, a tag, or a topic, it’s a thing. Thing Tank is a review of the week in things, and rates them either up or down.


In a Facebook Q&A, Bono apologized for shoving U2’s most recent album that nobody asked for down everybody’s throats, explaining “I had a beautiful idea and we got carried away with ourselves” (expert pivot to the plural, there). He’s got a point; U2 being carried away is kind of a beautiful idea. (Note to Bono: Still awaiting apology for everything released post-“Achtung Baby.” Whenever you’re ready.)


Post by U2.


Snoop Dogg called Iggy Azalea ugly and then they started fighting and then he said he was sorry. Surprisingly, this is not an account of interpersonal tensions between stuffed animals on your daughter’s bed.


Local game developer Brianna Wu becomes the latest target of sad/mad anonymous #GamerGate trolls, who have issued threats at Wu, writer Anita Sarkeesian, and developer Zoe Quinn for criticizing misogynist tropes and treatment within the video game industry. They’ve also issued threats to throw a fit if Mom doesn’t bring another bag of Funyuns downstairs.


Dorian Nakamoto, possibly maybe falsely identified by a Newsweek cover story as the man behind the online currency system Bitcoin, is soliciting money toward suing the magazine. Donations can be made by check, credit card, Bitcoin, Canadian quarters, Camel Cash, or Skee-Ball tickets.


Nearly 100,000 Snapchat photos were harvested (via unauthorized third-party apps that Snapchat steadfastly warns against using) and posted to the Internet, under the banner of “The Snappening.” For users, this means taking extra measures to secure one’s nude selfies; for me, it means coming up with a new name for my latest jazz dance routine.



Wristify — a responsive bracelet developed by the local Embr Labs that heats and cools your body by delivering pulses of “thermal waves” to the wrist — is readying prototypes for the finals of Intel’s “Make It Wearable” contest in November. Another innovative idea for maintaining a comfortable body temperature? Leaving Boston.

Michael Andor Brodeur can be reached at mbrodeur@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @MBrodeur.