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Tom Magliozzi’s ‘Car Talk’ classics

Tom Magliozzi, the elder half of the brotherly duo who dispensed automotive advice to listeners around the country on NPR’s “Car Talk,” died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease on Monday at age 77.

Magliozzi left behind many memories in his many years behind the microphone. Though Magliozzi and his brother, Ray, retired from the show in 2012, back episodes have continued to air as reruns, and “Car Talk” still has a podcast feed.

The show has also kept up an active social media presence, which means you don’t have to look far to find a recording of Magliozzi’s infectious laugh. (There are a lot more clips on the show’s SoundCloud page).


Listen here:

WBUR and “Car Talk” have curated some of the other classic Magliozzi moments. Listen below.

On the “Car Talk” website, the show’s staff has handpicked some favorite episodes, which you can pay to download.

You can also check out this wacky YouTube Christmas video of the brothers to reminisce. They would probably want to remind you: Don’t drive like either of them.

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