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From Bill Cosby’s ‘meme me’ to Kim Kardashian’s ‘break the Internet’

If it's a trend, a clip, a comment, a moment, a meme, a tag, or a topic, it's a thing. Thing Tank is a review of the week in things, and rates them either up or down.


Sweater model and "Leonard Part 6" star Bill Cosby found himself going viral for all the wrong reasons after daring Twitter to "Go ahead. Meme me!" The resultant #CosbyMeme backfired spectacularly, yielding thousands of user-generated jabs at Cosby over the numerous allegations of sexual assault levied against him over the years.

Evan Vucc/AP Photo


About 7 million people have watched about four minutes of "shocking" footage of a cleaning woman in a "brand-named hotel" casually snooping around a guest's personal belongings whilst tidying. The video offers an important lesson for all of us: To get those hospital corners you just tuck the sheet in down the side and then fold the end in under it. Thanks lady!


Nailing the astrophysical equivalent of train surfing, the European Space Agency successfully landed a small spacecraft on a comet traveling at over 60,000 mph. Among the first signals received was a strange whirring, chirping, purring "song" of oscillations apparently emitting from the comet. Scientists expect the discovery to revolutionize their current ringtones.


AP Photo/ESAFile)


In other objects-hurtling-through-space news, Kim Kardashian bumped 2014 over the threshold of peak butt, displaying her critically celebrated moneymaker in the (retouched) buff on the cover of Paper for all to see in a proclaimed attempt to #breaktheinternet (according to the headline). Among those least amused was Ted Cruz, who had designs on that hashtag as a campaign slogan.


As its first venture into original programming, the online video service Vimeo uploads three new episodes of the acclaimed (not just by me) Web series "High Maintenance ," which dips in and out of the lives of the clientele of a nameless NYC weed dealer. I've been watching them all morning and they're fantastic. Much like these hickory BBQ Wavy Lay's. Kind of craving a Twix now, too. What were we talking about?


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