Whitey Morgan and the 78’s, ‘Born, Raised & LIVE from Flint’

Whitey Morgan, the honky-tonk alter ego of Eric David Allen, is partial to the outlaw branch of hard country music, and he’s unapologetically throwback in his rendition of it. The new record from Morgan and the 78’s follows their previous releases in exuding a distinct 1970s-vintage Johnny Paycheck vibe, from the sound of the singer’s voice to the style of the steel playing behind him, and to songs like “Turn Up the Bottle,” “Cheatin’ Again,” “I Ain’t Drunk,” and Paycheck’s minor 1979 hit, “Cocaine Train.” Aside from that cover and a sturdy version of Hank Williams’s “Mind Your Own Business,” the album reprises originals and covers from the band’s two studio records; what it adds is context. “We’re going to play all night; I hope you don’t have any plans,” Morgan declares. “Live from Flint” doesn’t quite deliver that, but a 50-minute sampling of a working band at work, putting in a full night in the town that Morgan calls home. (Out now)


ESSENTIAL “Cocaine Train“


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