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Passion Pit, ‘Kindred’

The irony has never been lost on Michael Angelakos. The Passion Pit frontman, who started the band in Boston when he was a student at Emerson College, writes songs dripping with sugar-sweet melodies and euphoric dance-pop choruses. But at the heart of the music is deep melancholy riddled with Angelakos’s anxiety and unease with the trappings of fame. You can dance to Passion Pit, but you could just as easily cry if you paid attention to the lyrics. Right as the band’s previous album, “Gossamer,” was released in 2012, Angelakos went public with his struggles with bipolar disorder and depression, and Passion Pit’s new third album addresses some of that period’s aftermath. But “Kindred” is also the group’s most unsinkable album, barreling through the speakers with muscular, glossy synths and the jittery tension between Angelakos’s tangy falsetto and what he’s actually saying. Even in its darkest moments, the album brims with resilience. “Oh, but yeah, I’m so tired,” Angelakos sings on the ebullient first single, “Lifted Up (1985).” “I fight so hard and come back beaten.” (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL “Lifted Up (1985)”


Passion Pit will headline the Converse Rubber Tracks Live concert at the Sinclair on April 28.