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    Speedy Ortiz, ‘Foil Deer’

    “Good Neck” — and by extension the entirety of “Foil Deer” — fades in with off-kilter thwacks, a spidery guitar line, a bass scraping forward, and disruptive electric squalling. The quartet’s members are nothing if not devoted disciples of ’90s alt-rock, but what keeps their LP from being simply a collection of references is the way the Northampton band insists on bleeding them into one another. They get off on intentional disruption, as when “Bends”-era Radiohead guitar scree and Mike Falcone’s drums lock into a fundamental judder on even a relatively straightforward basher like “Swell Content,” while Sadie Dupuis sings as though she learned how from “Exile in Guyville.” The echoes among unhinged riffs on “Good Neck,” “Raising the Skate” and “My Dead Girl” speak to the unity of Speedy Ortiz’s vision, as well as its limitations; the spikiness that gives the music its appeal also turns it abrasive over the long haul. Which could be exactly what “Foil Deer” is going for. (Out Tuesday)


    ESSENTIAL “Raising the Skate“

    Speedy Ortiz performs at the Sinclair on April 22.

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