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Mac DeMarco, ‘Another One’

These slightly dazed love letters from a confused heart make up an introspective intermission for Mac DeMarco, the idiosyncratic, lionized indie-rock singer-songwriter. This mini-LP, with its rough, demo-quality guitar and synth-based songs, translates as his bedroom tapes, documenting bruised epiphanies and woozy emotions from contemplating the small mysteries of love and desire. Some of the 25-year-old artist’s songs here seem unrealized, his slim insights into relationships not as revealing as his often eloquent guitar work. Self-reflection turns to self-absorption, and never quite resonates on a universal level. On the Lennonesque “No Other Heart” DeMarco comes across like a doleful young romantic obsessing over an elusive woman: “Is it wrong to think my love could really help you out / it’s simply just my stubborn heart no doubt.” Ultimately, this is part of DeMarco’s winsome charm, as he continues to struggle with doubt, failure, and hope with soulful sincerity. These songs, though, feel more like a bridge to future discovery. (Out Friday) KEN CAPOBIANCO

ESSENTIAL “Without Me”

Mac DeMarco performs at Royale on Tuesday.

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