From an interactive Darwin project to Google’s latest patent, the week online


Local information design firm Fathom has posted an amazing interactive project called The Preservation of Favoured Traces ,” which sorts and color codes the text of each iteration of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species,” and in doing so charts the evolution of “evolution.” Fathom has also issued beautiful book and poster editions, with all proceeds going to charity. It’s a gift for Uncle Ted that’s highly unique, and just passive aggressive enough.


Piping hot yam and presidential candidate Donald Trump reminds me of something, but what? Is it a freshly hammered thumb? An apricot danish dropped on a barbershop floor? A mung bean granted a single wish? Yes to all three, but more so than any of those: Darth Vader. Right? No? Well, if you don't see the resemblance immediately, check out "Darth Trump," a new Auralnauts production on YouTube. You'll see. It's uncanny.


Officials in Sycamore Township, Ohio, have ordered haunted house proprietor and recurring Internet hero Jasen Dixon to remove the elaborate zombie nativity he has once again erected in his front yard. According to a newly posted Generosity.com page, he now faces fines and legal fees if he fails to bring his yard to code by removing the "accessory structure" — i.e. ixnay the ombiezay esusjay. I can't help but notice that we're all so concerned about the sanctity of Christmas, but no one says a word about the sanctity of "Jason." SMH.



Many people view Google with a level of trepidation, concerned that the tech behemoth (itself now a subset of the even larger holding company Alphabet) is growing more and more invasive in its thirst for our most personal information. Boy oh boy, some people need to relax! It's a search engine, not some nefarious comprehensive inventory of humanity that will one day be turned over to our technofacsist overlords. Jeez! Oh and speaking of Google, they just patented a new needle-free blood extraction technology. I'm sure it's nothing. It's fine. We're fine.


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