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Why was Justin Bieber walking around Boston barefoot?

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Justin Bieber was spotted shoeless in a Boston park on Monday.

Justin Bieber is in Boston — and the pop star decided to take a stroll around the city on Monday with no shoes or socks on.

Several people posted photos and video to social media showing Bieber walking around Boston barefoot. He was seen walking with naked feet on city crosswalks, in the Boston Public Garden, and even entering the Four Seasons hotel.

In some images, a man could be seen walking behind Bieber and apparently holding the star's shoes.

The warm weather might have served as some motivation: Boston saw temperatures in the 60s with sunny skies — one of the first undeniably nice days this month.


It is unclear if walking around metropolises without shoes is a habit of the singer. However, in the past, Bieber has given the shoes off his feet to needy children, and has reportedly lost footwear while performing and in scuffles with the paparazzi.

Earlier, several outlets reported that Bieber is sporting a new face tattoo — a small cross near his eye — that represents his faith.

Bieber will be performing at the TD Garden on May 10 and 11.