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Bat for Lashes gets conceptual on ‘The Bride,’ with uneven results

“The Bride,” Bat for Lashes

“The Bride,” the new album by English singer-songwriter Natasha Khan, who performs as Bat for Lashes, is written from the perspective of a woman whose fiancée dies before he reaches the wedding. The opening song, “I Do,” is a promising exposition: a minimal processional about the bride’s longing for her wedding day. After that, the story blurs. Emptier choruses glitter rather than boom on “Joe’s Dream” and “In God’s House,” neither packing the punch it should. The former confusingly talks about falling in love at the same time as an already-planned wedding; the most unique wrinkle in the latter is repeated use of the word “fire.” Further songs follow suit, rarely deviating from verse-chorus-verse-chorus rigor. The upbeat “Sunday Love” breaks that mold with its rhythmically catchy verse and earworm chorus, which almost hides the fact that the song — about the would-be bride seeing a girl everywhere she goes — repeats the album’s most common problem: It’s unclear just what the song is about, and how it relates to the core concept.


ESSENTIAL “Sunday Love”

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