His name is Fred Fontaine, but around these parts, he’s better know as DJ Backspin. The 34-year-old Canton resident has provided the tunes for numerous weddings, parties, and special occasions. But that’s just his day job. When he’s not spinning records, Fontaine is searching for the next beautiful shot to feature on his Instagram account, @behindthelens617.

Q. DJing and photography are both art forms of sorts. Do those parts of your life interact at all, or do you keep them separate?

A. As far as with the DJ business, I’ve been doing that full time for a long time now. [DJing] does tie into my photography because for work, I’m in the city a lot meeting clients, and I get a chance to be around a lot of really nice architecture. Those capture my interest in regards to photography, and that’s where I started to get a lot of the shots that you see on my profile.

Q. What interests you about Boston as a photographer?


A. It’s crazy how Boston is changing. I’ve done a lot of work in the Financial District for a while now, and there’s this pocket of the area I always go to that was empty for a long time, and now it has all these high rises. I like to capture those changes over time. I really try to get the old architecture with the new.

Q. What are your favorite parts of the city to photograph?

A. A lot of times you’ll find me in the Public Garden, Beacon Hill, and the North End. And when I travel, I try to shoot wherever I go. I DJ’d a wedding in Martha’s Vineyard, so I took some shots there. I was in Bermuda last year and got to take some photos out there as well.


Q. When you were first getting interested in photography, what was the hardest thing for you?

A. I started getting serious with it about four and a half years ago, and since then I’ve just had to get better at finding different angles. I do have some friends in the industry who are doing the same thing, so they’ve been able to give me some help as well.

Q. Going forward, are you planning on making photography more than just a hobby, or are you trying to keep it casual?

A. Things are starting to turn in a new direction. People are asking to purchase prints, and so I’m starting to look more into that. I am also hoping to get more into shooting portraits of people. I DJ a lot of weddings, so I do have folks who ask whether I know any photographers. I’m trying to get more into that aspect of things.

Interview was edited and condensed. Alex Frandsen can be reached at alexander.frandsen@globe.com.