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TV Critic’s Corner

The Duplass Brothers are everywhere, and that’s a good thing

On Friday night at 11:30 p.m., HBO will present the second episode of its new psycho-thriller anthology series, “Room 104” — which joins a proud tradition of creepy room numbers you might want to filter out on Trivago: the Room 315 of “Twin Peaks,” Room 237 in “The Shining,” Room 928 at the Hollywood Roosevelt (though, really, you could do a lot worse than to have Montgomery Clift haunt you all night).

But the show also joins another noteworthy list — the resume of the Duplass Bros.

The last decade has seen the two rise from humble mumblecore beginnings to the position of Hollywood’s most powerhouse production duo, fraternal or otherwise. (Rooting for you, Duffer Brothers!) Along with “Room 104,” they also produce the network’s animated series “Animals” as well as the now-canceled dramedy “Togetherness,” in which Mark costarred.

Their film output is similarly prolific, the brothers having produced nearly 20 films and signed multifilm deals with The Orchard and Netflix (which recently aired the Duplass-produced documentary “Asperger’s Are Us” on the Massachusetts-based comedy troupe of the same name). Among their forthcoming titles is “Duck Butter” starring Alia Shawkat (“Search Party”) and the sequel to the found-footage cult horror classic “Creep.”


And as actors, they’re just as everywhere (not a bad thing — they’re good at this part, too). Before “Togetherness,” Mark spent six years as Pete Eckhart on “The League,” and has since appeared with his brother on “The Mindy Project” as one of a pair of holistic midwives, voiced characters on “Animals,” wrote and starred in the Netflix film “Blue Jay” with Sarah Paulson, and is currently playing David Kaczynski on Discovery’s ambitious “Manhunt: Unabomber.”


Meanwhile, Jay has starred as brother Josh Pfefferman on the triumphant “Transparent,” costars in the recent films “Landline” and “Beatriz at Dinner,” and will pop up in the fourth episode of “Room 104.” (Whether he makes it out remains to be seen.)

Michael Andor Brodeur can be reached at mbrodeur@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @MBrodeur.