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Tina Fey has a suggestion for dealing with the alt-right: eat cake

Tina Fey presented an award at the 71st annual Tony Awards in June. Michael Zorn/Invision/AP/File/Michael Zorn/Invision/AP/file

University of Virginia alum Tina Fey reacted to the violence in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update Thursday night, offering a plan to dealing with this weekend’s expected rallies: eat cake.

Pulling out a sheet cake with an American flag on it, Fey shared some of her frustrations with the audience, stuffing her face with cake as she spoke.

“And the next time when you see a bunch of white boys, boys in polo shirts, screaming about taking our country back, and you want to scream, ‘It’s not our country. We stole it from the Native Americans. . . . And when they have a peaceful protest at Standing Rock, we shoot at them with rubber bullets, but we let you chinless turds march through the streets with semi-automatic weapons,’” Fey said.


“And when you want to yell that, don’t yell it at the Klan, Colin,” Fey said to Weekend Update host Colin Jost. “Yell it into the cake.”

Fey, who graduated from UVA in 1992, said she has fond memories of her time in school, and that it broke her heart “to see these evil forces descend upon Charlottesville.”

She said Trump’s response has made her sick, especially the defense of the violent alt-right protesters.

“And also, who drove the car into the crowd, Hillary’s emails?” Fey asked.

In response to the subsequent rallies planned in cities around the country this weekend, Fey said sheet caking is the answer.

“Well you know, they’ve already canceled some of these new rallies,” Jost told Fey.

“See, it’s working already,” Fey said. “Sheet caking is a grass roots movement, Colin. Most of the women I know have been doing it once a week since the election.”

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