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    My Instagram: Branden Etheridge

    Branden Etheridge’s Instagram feed is a delight to anyone architecturally inclined, as it’s filled with spiraling staircases, sloping ceilings, and multiple structures’ facades. The 29-year-old originally hails from Plymouth and studied architecture at the Wentworth Institute of Technology. Now, he works as a space planner at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and photographs the buildings and scenery of New England for his Instagram account (@bmeeee) in his spare time.

    Q. How did you first get

    into photography?

    A. I studied architecture at Wentworth, and just as part of being in the world of architecture, you have this visual eye. So I think I just picked it up from there and then went on to start capturing photos.

    Q. A lot of your photos seem to be influenced by architecture and buildings. Is that something you seek out or that just happens by chance?

    A. Probably a little bit of both. There’s definitely times when I take one- or two-hour, out-of-the-way side trips to get to specific buildings, but it’s also just walking down the street on my way to work. I’ll see something that just sticks out, and it typically is architectural just because of the city environment we’re in. It’s either that or landscapes.

    Q. What’s your favorite place to photograph landscapes?


    A. I love Maine. Going up coastal Maine — basically anywhere. You can get out to an island or drive five to six hours somewhere, and it’s like a whole new world up there. Anywhere on the coast is very rocky — they have these sun-bleached rocks with tall pines — and it’s just beautiful.

    Q. Your photos’ compositions are often very angular. What do you look for in a photograph?

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    A. Architecturally especially, I try to line a photo up so that it’s either centered and has a long point of view, going off into the distance, or something else with the visual aspect of the different lines and shapes. I try to work within what the architecture is trying to show you and express that through the photos. Like a staircase, for instance. People walk down staircases every single day but might not realize that there’s actually architecture in the staircases. I like being able to show someone, “Hey, if you just stop and take a second to look up, that can be incredibly beautiful.”

    Q. What do you enjoy about running your Instagram account?

    A. Photography in general has always been something I’ve really enjoyed. Putting it up on Instagram is a great place to reach out and meet new people, but at the same time, I’m doing it mostly for myself. If people like it, then that’s awesome. If one of my photos gets over 100 likes, I do get really excited, but for the most part, it’s for me. I enjoy scrolling back and seeing what I’ve done, and also how I’ve grown. I’ve learned a lot more and I’ve traveled more — it’s an excellent excuse to get out and explore and experience the world.

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