Radcliffe, Buscemi to team up in heaven on TBS

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Daniel Radcliffe will play an angel on TBS’s “Miracle Workers.”

By Globe Staff 

I am diehard fan of “Man Seeking Woman,” the surreal comedy that lasted three seasons on FXX. Whenever I write about “under-recognized” series, it’s always on my list. Why didn’t everyone see the brilliance of the blackly comic single-in-the-city series? Why?

So I am happy to announce that the show’s creator, Simon Rich, has a new project on the way, executive produced, like “Man Seeking Woman,” by Lorne Michaels. The new show is a workplace comedy based on Rich’s 2012 novel “What in God’s Name,” and the first season — seven episodes — will air on TBS in 2018.


Called “Miracle Workers,” it’s set in heaven, where a low-level angel played by Daniel Radcliffe will deal with an aloof boss, also known as God, played by Steve Buscemi. That’s right, Harry Potter will do the scut work of dealing with all of humanity’s prayers, and the thug who got fed into a woodchipper in “Fargo” will play the Big Guy Upstairs.

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