‘Alias Grace’ can be seen — and now heard

Sabrina Lantos/Netflix

Sarah Gadon in a scene from “Alias Grace” on Netflix.

By Globe Staff 

I do recommend “Alias Grace,” a new six-episode miniseries on Netflix. It’s a great puzzle of a story, based on the 1996 historical novel by Margaret Atwood, about a woman in prison for a double murder in 19th-century Canada. As she chronicles her life to an early-era psychiatrist, we don’t quite know what is true and what isn’t.

The main attraction is Sarah Gadon, who plays the imprisoned Grace Marks. She delivers a performance rich in both ambiguity and specificity. So it’s good news that she is narrating an audio version of “Alias Grace,” which has just been launched on Perhaps it will enable you to “read” the book before watching the miniseries.


“It’s thrilling to me that, over twenty years after I first wrote it, ‘Alias Grace’ is coming alive in new and fascinating ways,” Atwood said in a statement. “The novel itself is a suite of voices, so to have it read out loud is especially appropriate. Draw near. Listen. Someone is whispering in your ear — but who?”

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