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Pink nails the Super Bowl national anthem — despite having the flu

Pink performed the national anthem before the Super Bowl.Jim Davis/Globe staff

MINNEAPOLIS — Pink nailed the national anthem at the Super Bowl despite having the flu.

Kelly Clarkson had said earlier she wasn’t worried about Pink faltering.

When asked if she would fill in for Pink if needed, Clarkson said, ‘‘I don’t think Pink will need anybody to fill in for her. Even Pink with the flu is still hands down one of the best vocalists of our generation.’’

Clarkson added: ‘‘I would take Pink’s voice on a flu day any day.’’ Pink performed sick at a concert Friday in Minnesota and said it’s easy to become under the weather when you’re a mother of two children. Clarkson echoed her sentiments.


‘‘Our babies are right in our face, like the saliva, the mucus membranes are all around us,’’ she said. ‘‘We both have toddlers and I mean, they’re literally little petri dishes of disease walking, they just have everything. So we’re sick sometimes.’’

Clarkson was one of the tailgate performances Sunday at Nomadic Live at The Armory. She said she enjoys performing for sports fans.

‘‘The fun thing that you can always expect is it’s never going to be a dead crowd because either A, they’re drinking already or B, the energy of sports fans in general, they’re just excited to be here (and) they’re excited for their team,’’ she said.

Though Clarkson is a Dallas Cowboys fan, she said she’s rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots.

‘‘My nanny is a huge Eagles fan, so we’re all Eagles today. And they’re the underdog, right? So, you know, it’s kind of cool,’’ she said.